Elevator pitches are 30-second introductions of who you are, what you do and your skill set. It’s important to define these three key pieces of the pitch and craft them into a concise elevator pitch to give potential employers or people with whom you’re networking. Here are three things to include when you sit down to write an elevator pitch.


1. Tell the individual a little bit about yourself including name, job title and organization.
2. Explain your strengths and skills. Mention any specific certifications and offer examples of how you have used your abilities to solve problems or drive results.
3. Let them know your professional goals. Explain what type of role you’re looking for or what you hope to accomplish in your professional career.

“I’m currently working in IT with a small software company. I enjoy helping others bring technology into their day-to-day jobs in order for them to be more efficient and successful. My goal is to eventually lead an IT team and help drive strategic IT initiatives and improve overall operations for a mid- to large-size organization.”