Hiring Mangers need to review these guidelines for the behavioral based interview process when looking to hire a new employee.

1. Review the job description for the position in-depth and have a mental idea of the ideal candidate for the role.

2. Review the candidate’s resume.

3. Create a list of interview questions based on the major competencies listed below and review them immediately prior to the interview:

  • Acts strategically
  • Drives excellence
  • Builds relationships
  • Excels in customer service
  • Creates inclusion
  • Inspires achievement
  • Delivers results
  • Lives with integrity

4. Determine the interview location—ideally a quiet, private place.

5. When the applicant arrives, thank him or her for coming and show him or her to a seat. Help put him or her at ease and alleviate any nervousness.

6. Introduce yourself including name and position and explain the interview format. For example, “This interview will last approximately 30 minutes. I will begin with a series of questions and then allow you to ask me any questions.”

7. Provide the applicant with suggestions to ensure that he or she understands how to answer questions thoroughly and completely.

  • “When responding to a question, please make sure that you…
  • Describe the situation and your role in the situation,
  • State what the situation required and what led you to the action that you took,
  • Explain how you carried out your responsibilities or what actions you took, and
  • Describe the results of your actions and the outcome of the situation.”

8. Do not to announce the name of the competency (e.g., Acts Strategically) to the applicant during the interview.

9. After you have asked all of your questions, thank him/her for participating and explain what will happen next. Tell the applicant the timeline for making a hiring decision and how he or she will be informed (e-mail/phone).

10. Thank the applicant once more for participating and escort him/her out of the office.

11. Using the list of major competencies for each question as a guide, rate each of the applicant’s responses.