Whether it’s Tweeting for a client, updating your personal Facebook page, blogging or making business connections on LinkedIn, most professionals use a social networking site at some point throughout the day. While employers recognize that this powerful medium of communication can be a key part of a job, professionals should adhere to the following guidelines:

Treat your fellow colleagues and coworkers with respect and fairness. Employees should not make discriminatory, libelous or slanderous comments about their company, its employees, clients or vendors.

Don’t mention client work or discuss company projects openly without the permission of your supervisor. Also be careful to avoid disclosing any information that is confidential or proprietary to your company or its clients.

When interacting with one of your company’s social media sites refrain from using any offensive images or language, including profanity.

Be proud to work at your company. But when opining on sensitive topics (political, social and religious), acknowledge that your views are your own and not those of your company. Or best yet, avoid discussing these issues online all together.

Avoid “checking in” or “tagging” clients/vendors in posts. Clients may not want their whereabouts posted, and your competition doesn’t need to know who you’re entertaining and spending time with.

The bottom line: Think before you post any content (words and images) and use good judgment.