Getting into negotiations with a potential employer can be nerve-wracking. Here are some negotiation tactics for employees to use when considering a job opportunity.

  • Let the company start the money discussion. Consider asking them what they think is fair pay for the role and for your experience. Give them the opportunity to set a baseline and work from there.
  • Base your desire for higher salary or more benefits on facts. Check industry norms for your role and specifically within your market. Know what comparable companies are paying for individuals in similar positions with similar experience and use that as leverage.
  • Prove your worth through quantifiable terms. For instance, if you increased profitability by 10% in your last role or were able to reduce company costs by $100,000, ensure they understand what you can bring to the table and are capable of doing.
  • If an employer can’t offer more in base pay, inquire about performance-based bonuses on an annual or quarterly basis. You’ll be incentivized to work harder, and they’ll pay for the hard work that you continue to provide.
  • Consider non-cash perks such as more paid time off or a stipend for a cell phone. Often companies are able to provide these easier than in compensation.