Whenever you lose an employee, it is important to understand why. Developing a set list of exit interview questions to ask your employees will help you to note any trends or common themes. Before your employees head out the door, here are a few exit interview questions to ask.

  1. Did the job meet your expectations?
  2. What led you to make the decision to want to leave?
  3. Were you given specific benchmarks to measure success?
  4. How was your boss’ management style?
  5. Were you given the right tools and resources to do your job effectively?
  6. Do you feel as though working with our company helped build your skill set and professional career?
  7. How can we improve our company in order to retain employees like you?
  8. If there is one thing you could change about our company, what would it be?
  9. If someone asked you to describe our company culture, what would you say?
  10. Would you recommend working here to a friend?