Houston is the best city for young professionals to catapult their careers.

A native of Houston and a graduate of the University of Houston, I’ve spent my entire life in this city and have watched it mature and expand into a major metropolitan area. Due to the economic and business growth in the area, young professionals in Houston now have many more options for thriving both personally and professionally in the Space City.

One driving force for attracting young professionals to the area is the low cost of living. Residents are able to get more bang for their buck and have more discretionary spending for enjoying everything the city has to offer. By extending the dollar further than in places like Chicago or New York City, you are able to use your dollars for things other than rent and similar expenses.

There’s a major commercial construction boom, especially in the areas of mixed-use developments and multifamily complexes with the most sought-after projects offering walkability to nearby restaurants, shops and entertainment venues, accessibility to alternative transportation, and close proximity to parks and open-air green spaces give Houston an urban feel like its big city counterparts NYC, Chicago and LA.

Within the past five years, Houston has also become a city with no limits on opportunity. With many fortune 500 corporations in the area, there are numerous positions available for young professionals to launch their careers.

Likewise, Houston is one of the top cities for job creation and recently innovation. The higher education community is also growing, meaning more top-level talent in the area to continue to propel the city forward.

What was once an Oil & Gas and Cowboy town has transformed into a more sophisticated metropolitan area with a vibrant art and food scene. More artists are moving to Houston than anywhere else in the U.S., and there are nearly as many arts jobs in the area as in healthcare. Young professionals were once drawn to other cities that offered exciting nightlife, culture and entertainment, but they are now able to get more of that vibe in the Houston area.

I’m passionate about my hometown and enjoy speaking to others on the benefits of living and working here. If you would like to continue a discussion about Houston, leave a comment below.