A good communicator is someone who demonstrates effective, clear and consistent oral, written and in-person communication skills. At Lucas Group, we find it important to listen, learn, write and speak with purpose and professionalism—being an effective communicator is an essential quality that our recruiters possess. Quality communication is a skill that all of our Lucas Group Associates (aka recruiters) possess.

Just think about what a recruiting job entails exactly to see how effective communication skills apply. Part of a recruiting job is pitching company services to clients and jobs to candidates. To do this, you have to speak (and write) with confidence and clarity to get your message across. You also need to get a good sense of what those you are helping are looking for—and oftentimes that means asking the right questions and listening to really zero in on what they want.

What’s more, in the case of finding job candidates for a client, there are several layers during the screening and recruiting process. A good communicator is able to serve as a levelheaded, neutral go-between for the two or more parties involved to make sure all sides have clear expectations and are fully aware of what the other can bring to the table.

I’ve had several high-potential candidates say that they returned my cold-call voicemail (when they receive five calls a week from recruiters) because the voicemail was clear, concise, confident and I “sounded like I knew what I was talking about.” I think this is something that really sets Lucas Group recruiters apart from other recruiters.

It’s not just what you are communicating, but how, that makes a good recruiter. Communicators spellcheck before sending an email. They are aware of their body language and presentation. And this makes them hyperaware of yours, too!

Working with a good communicator as a recruiter is critical—after all, we are changing our candidates’ lives in continuing to grow their career and we are filling a client’s opening with a candidate who can drastically change the client’s personal and professional outcome. The candidate could contribute to revenue growth, reduction in turnover, increasing morale and more. The right person in the role can make our clients’ lives that much better, and if you have a solid communicator as a recruiter, both clients and candidates will find what they need.