Do you arrive at the office an hour early to prepare for a big client meeting, double and triple-check memos before sending them, and never dial a client without a clear plan in place? Then you’ve got that “it” factor when it comes to being efficient, organized and systematic in your actions. Here at Lucas Group, we call that being a conscientious recruiter.

As a Senior Executive Search Consultant focused on IT technology, I see every day the difference that being conscientious can make for recruitment success. While you may not see “conscientious” listed as a requirement on a job description any time soon, I believe it is one of most important intangible qualities for professional success.

Here’s what being a conscientious recruiter means to me:

#1: You’re systematic and focused.

These days it may seem that just about every job description includes a “detail-oriented” requirement. Being a conscientious recruiter, however, is more than just paying attention to the details. You’re systematic in how your approach each task. Whether that means creating spreadsheets or developing workflow charts, you’ve developed a system of checks and balances so nothing is inadvertently overlooked or omitted. This systematic approach to recruiting integrates best practices that you learn on the job.

#2: You’ve got a plan for everything.

In the world of recruiting, flexibility is critical; each client requires a slightly different approach and you may need to quickly pivot your approach. Being flexible, however, doesn’t mean that you’re acting without a plan. For example, you’ve got a plan of action for each call you dial: you strategically align calls to mirror business development and drive growth.

 #3: You manage time efficiently and go the extra mile.

Being conscientious means that you don’t just check tasks off a list without much thought or effort. You’re committed to getting the job done right the first time and putting in the necessary effort to achieve this goal. When it comes to meeting a big deadline, for example, you work in advance as much as possible so you have the flexibility to address any last minute client concerns or issues as they arise.

 When you are a conscientious recruiter, your commitment to diligence and excellence defines your success. What do you think it means to be conscientious in the workplace? I welcome your feedback below.