If you’re considering a career in recruitment, it’s natural to wonder, “What is a manufacturing recruiter?” and “Would a manufacturing recruiter job be right for me?” From the outside, the high stakes world of recruitment certainly looks exciting, but it takes more than just passion for winning to be a successful professional recruiter.

With manufacturing jobs coming back from overseas, now is an exciting time to be a manufacturing recruiter. Companies are once again building and expanding their workforce and looking to recruiters to put together the specialized teams they need for rapid growth. You don’t need a background in engineering or product development to be a manufacturing recruiter, but you should be passionate about understanding how everyday consumer products are made and the supply chains involved in this production.

While you won’t find the following in a standard manufacturing recruiter job description, I believe these are the characteristics that truly determine the success of a manufacturing recruiter. If you want to be a manufacturing recruiter, you should be…

#1: A connector.
Great manufacturing recruiters build reciprocal relationships. You take pride in your position as a catalyst for bridging the gap between clients and candidates. You’re here to connect the dots for the betterment of your client, your candidates, and everyone involved. Being a connector means that you thrive on healthy competition. You are resilient when it comes to recruiting setbacks. When clients sign on to work with you, your commitment to success ensures your clients come out on top each and every time.

#2: A great listener.
Manufacturing recruiters work with family owned businesses that value trust and loyalty above all else. This means that manufacturing recruiters will be most successful when they follow a consultative rather than transactional approach to doing business. You take the time to listen to your clients and customize the search based on their specific needs. By taking the time to truly listen to your client’s needs, you’re able to pick the right candidate the first time, rather than sending over a handful of options that are close, but not quite right. You are relatable and approachable so the folks you recruit feel comfortable talking to you.

#3: An avid learner.
When it comes to manufacture recruiting, there’s always something new to learn about companies, technology or supply chain management. A great recruiter is as eager to learn on Day 1,000 as they are on Day 1. You view every challenge as a new growth opportunity and you’re open to learning from your supervisors, your peers, your clients, and even the candidates you recruit.

What skills do you feel are most important for a successful manufacturing recruiter job candidate? I welcome your feedback below.