Marketing Recruiter Job Description

A marketing recruiter focuses on looking for the right, talented individuals to interview for marketing jobs at various companies and firms.

Skills Required to be a Marketing Recruiter

Today’s marketing professional more than ever before must wear many different hats and be able to advise their company on the best strategies to put the brand’s best foot forward. They need to be able to blend traditional communications with digital marketing strategies. This is a dynamic position that requires a dynamic person to get the job done.

Marketing recruiters themselves need to be “up with the times” and know the ins and outs of the marketing and advertising worlds in order to place candidates in new jobs. There are many areas of expertise that fall under the larger umbrella of marketing that they need to be well-versed in, including account management, event marketing, email marketing, product marketing, public relations, web and interactive media, creative and graphic design, account management, e-commerce, product management, corporate/brand marketing, SEM and SEO and social media. No matter which area a candidate falls into, when staffing marketing recruitment jobs, recruiters look for someone who understands what brands need just like the marketing professionals themselves.

A good marketing recruiter understands the complexities of a local, national and global marketplace. They start by listening to the client’s needs for the position at hand, asking questions about challenges encountered in the past, the type of personality that would be ideal for the company and position and much more. Once the job description is worked out, the marketing recruiter then focuses efforts on outreach—from looking at the candidate database to networking with contacts—to find candidates in a timely manner.

An excellent turnaround time would be two weeks, but it often may take several months to find the perfect recruit in this dynamic field.

How to Become a Marketing Recruiter

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