I’ve been an enthusiastic and proud military recruiter for Lucas Group for the last 18 years. A great deal has changed in recruiting over that time. An explosion in information and incredible advancements in the web and social media have changed how we work. We’re better informed and more efficient as a result.

But one thing hasn’t changed and it remains a top priority: to help those who serve our country transition into a career beyond the military. We achieve this by building trusting, long-lasting, quality relationships with the people we serve. For all of our technological advancements, nothing trumps the power of people in this business. Over the course of my career, I’ve identified three essential characteristics that successful military recruiters possess:

1. Integrity is paramount. Compromise it and you risk the lives of your colleagues. While the stakes are not so steep in business, compromising confidentiality can ruin a career. As a military recruiter, I respect and abide by that principle.

2. Candor complements integrity and is part of all of my professional relationships. Respectful candor when evaluating a salary requirement or critiquing a mock interview is an important dynamic in successful relationships.

3. Trust is the third important element. It begins by listening carefully and taking a highly personalized approach with every candidate. By truly understanding what motivates them; what’s important to their spouses and children; whether or not they have specific cities or regions in which they must live; salary requirements; and their overarching career goals, I am able to craft an individualized approach to helping them achieve their career objectives.

After 18 years in military recruiting, I remain excited and passionate about what I do. What sustains me is that every day I have an opportunity to shape companies and change lives.

What interests you about military recruiting? I welcome your ideas and comments. You never know how just one contact can improve a life, a family, or a community.