With nearly 200,000 men and women transitioning out of the military each year according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, employers have a rich talent pool to pull from that could benefit their businesses. Don’t underestimate veteran skills when it comes to filling positions for your organization just because they have been focused in a military capacity. The following qualities are just a few of the many valuable assets veterans bring to the workforce:

1. Loyalty. This quality is ingrained into people with a military background, and can be a huge asset to your company. Along with loyalty comes commitment, reliability and a sense of duty. Enough said.

2. Teamwork. Veterans are good team players because they have learned how to work within a group, how to employ the strengths of each individual and to trust and rely on their teammates.  Veteran leaders are normally excellent followers and recognize the value of the team.

3. Leadership. Depending on their level within the military, most veterans have been in charge of a team or several teams already. They understand how to develop their charges, how to incorporate the wisdom of their senior subordinates in good decision making, and how to hold their teams and themselves accountable. Veterans have a bias towards action and are culturally conditioned to lead by example.

4. Tech savvy. The American military is the world’s most technologically sophisticated armed forces. The men and women who service, maintain, deploy and operate this military bring with them into the civilian workplace a very high aptitude for technology and are quick to learn and adapt to the ever-changing technologies in the civilian world.

Those with prior military experience have a strategic combination of character intangibles and technical/leadership skills that can enhance your organization or department and form the nucleus of your leadership bench. Rather than seeing “only military experience” as a detriment, ask the right questions and you will frequently find capable, technical leaders that are a good fit for your company.

What intangible qualities do you feel are demonstrated by veterans in the workplace?