With the heat more intense than ever for HR professionals in vying for top talent, reliance on executive search firms is barreling its way to the top of HR recruitment strategies.

The paradigm in today’s search market is woefully out of date with the new normal. It represents two classes of search – direct hiring and transactional hiring. Unfortunately, companies use different firms to fulfill both needs, a strategy that negates an entire band of services necessary to maintain an agile workforce in today’s environment.

What type of firm can have the greatest impact on your organization?

After 25+ years in HR and executive recruitment, I believe HR professionals should be working with a full-service recruiter. There is a lot to consider now, with the Gig Economy radically transforming the talent landscape and hiring market, and as the HR industry itself braves its own renaissance.

What does full-service really mean in an HR recruiting firm?

Too often, “full-service” is merely part of a firm’s branding. In reality, full-service reaches way beyond offering different types of search arrangements to include:

  • Complete talent solutions: direct hire, contract and interim staffing services
  • In-depth consultation and collaboration as an expert advisor
  • Demonstrated expertise across industries and vertical markets
  • Specialized recruitment technologies and resources
  • A constant pulse on business and market intelligence

What should you look for in an HR recruiter?

An impactful full-service recruiter has a known ability to leverage technology, resources and relationships, and maintains connections to transcendent talent at the highest levels of diverse industries:

  • A commitment to knowing your business and building a value-added relationship
  • Proven capacity, resources and experience in answering specific or complex needs
  • A nationwide network of vetted candidates for direct-hire, contract and interim roles
  • Constant relationship building with sought-after passive candidates
  • Reputation for delivering right-fit candidates, proven in contributing to the bottom line

Why an HR recruiter’s internal culture should matter to you

The way a recruiter operates internally can help or hinder your hiring goals. Do their people or divisions compete with each other for clients, candidates or commissions? This is not in your best interests. Your recruiter’s internal culture should align with their value promise to you.

Lucas Group has a unique approach in working as a cohesive, nationwide team, with a culture of sharing responsibility across functions, locations and vertical markets. Only in this way can client and recruiter move along the same path. Here’s a good example of how the right full-service HR recruiter can impact your organization:

One of my colleagues was preparing to meet with a client that had taken on a variety of new projects. My colleague invited members of our different business units to the table as he knew the client would benefit from a combination of direct hire, contract and interim staffing. Our operating philosophy and subject matter experts in this company’s vertical markets ended up being a big win for the company, allowing them to cost-efficiently onboard the right high-level talent in the timeliest manner.

You hold the keys to the talent acquisition kingdom. Consider the benefits of working with a full-service recruiter who can truly answer your every hiring need.