Every generation is different from the previous one, and businesses and managers must adapt to meet the needs and personalities of each group in the workplace. Millennials in the workforce have different skill sets, as well as perceptions on work and careers, than previous generations. While some might say this group feels “entitled” to success, others say these individuals have been raised in an environment that promotes positivity and a “you can do it” attitude.

As a Managing Partner for HR recruiting at Lucas Group, I’ve learned to capitalize on the skill sets and encourage the abilities Millennials bring to my team and organization. Although it’s important to manage each person individually, I have recognized there are certain traits that are prevalent when assessing your management style for Millennials.

Consider the following three management guides:

Millennials need and want structure. Clearly define their responsibilities and goals, and coach them to achieve those objectives. Millennials want regular feedback on their progress as well as guidance on where their careers are going and what it will take to get there. Reward Millennials for what they have truly earned, keeping in mind these are not necessarily direct monetary rewards. Consider allowing them the opportunity to earn something out of the ordinary such as paid time off, a cutting-edge electronic device or flexible working hours.

Consistently challenge them. Challenge Millennials at work in both their aspirations and their workload. Invite and encourage them to engage their strong multitasking skills, education and out-of-the-box-thinking to propel your organization forward. Millennials need the opportunity to learn the details of your business while also understanding the big picture of the market and keeping long-term business objectives in perspective.

Capitalize on Millennials’ savvy social media and networking skills. Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge they offer in this arena and use it to you company’s advantage. Look for ways to utilize their social savvy within your organization and leverage these strengths to reach your business goals. Note that as their manager, you, too, should strive to stay up-to-date on new technologies and social platforms and expand your global view. Doing so will help you communicate effectively with your Millennial workforce.

Consider these tips in your efforts to better relate with and manage Millennials.

How does your management style differ for this generation? I welcome your experiences and thoughts.