The legal field is constantly changing, and law firms and legal recruiters must always be adaptable. When it comes to recruiting top legal talent, one change is inevitable: Millennials are now a major part of the associate workforce.

As a legal recruiter, I’ve had to adjust how I recruit just like large firms need to adapt how they hire. Understanding what millennials consider important is the first step in placing them in a long-term role.

Follow these three simple rules to succeed in this ever-changing legal recruiting environment:

Embrace Technology

Millennials have done more than embrace technology; they take full advantage of it. When you’re recruiting, use the means of communication that works best for your candidate. Emails, calls, texts, I’ve done them all. Be nimble with your communication methods.

I’ve texted with candidates late into the night and even have taken calls on Christmas Day. If they’re available to discuss a lateral move, then you should be available to assist them through the process.

Millennials also expect to work for technologically-savvy firms. Face time in the office isn’t as important to them, and they want to work with partners who understand you can work from just about anywhere. It’s not just about work-life balance. It’s about understanding the technology that allows them to work efficiently – even when they’re not in the office.

Be sure that you – and the law firm you’re working with – use the latest technology to your advantage when hiring top talent.

Show Them the Big Picture

A high salary and job at a top firm aren’t always on the “must-lists” for incoming associates. You need to know the firm you’re hiring for inside and out. What makes it unique? What benefits does it provide that your candidate is seeking? Legal recruiters need to paint the big picture when placing millennials.

Perks like working from home, flexible hours and hands-on experience are more important than ever, and a large salary likely won’t make up for the wrong company culture.

Know what perks the firm offers and use them to your advantage. Find out everything you can, from potential compensation bonuses to mentorship opportunities and diversity efforts, because millennial’s differentiators aren’t always easy to predict.

Have a deep knowledge of the firm so you can provide a comprehensive view of what working there looks like. Millennials expect to see it.

Don’t Underestimate Them

Millennials are more informed than any other generation that has entered the workforce. Most millennials already have an idea of what they want long-term, including company culture.

Listen to what they say. Believe them when they tell you mentorship and training is important to them. If an issue arises during the hiring process, be responsive and handle it quickly. You’ll build their trust and prove you understand their perspective.

You can use their knowledge to your advantage to find them a long-term fit.

The Bottom Line

Millennials are changing the legal field, and you have to adapt to be a successful legal recruiter. A big name law firm and large salary won’t cut it anymore. This new generation of attorneys is looking for more, and they want a recruiter who will help them find it.

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