Have you ever looked at a sales recruiter job description and thought, “Hey, I might be really good this! But what is a sales recruiter and how is this position different from being a headhunter?” A sales recruiter is a type of executive headhunter that focuses specifically on the recruitment of specialized sales leadership and management talent. We recruit Chief Sales Officers, General Managers, Sales Managers, and VPs for Sales & Marketing, as well as business development.

Could a job as a sales recruiter be the right career move for you? While the following skills may not always be included in a sales recruiter job description, from my years of recruiting experience, I believe that every great executive sales recruiter should be able to do the these four things:

1. Foster a culture of success.
As an executive sales recruiter, your most critical task is to foster a culture of success for your clients. Sales people who are used to closing deals bring positivity and an expectation for “winning” with them wherever they go. When you recruit high performing sales people, they create a culture of success that improves performance for the entire company.

2. Identify undiscovered talent.
Part of what makes a great executive sales recruiter so successful is their ability to not only recruit proven talent, but to also identify and cultivate this raw talent in potential recruits. In order to get really good at identifying undiscovered talent, you need to know the few, critical competencies that distinguish a high-performing sales rep from an average sales rep. While some of this is instinct, the ability to identify and cultivate talent is a skill that also develops with time. An eagerness to learn is essential!

3. Build reciprocal relationships.
When it comes to recruiting top sales talent, you’ll need to serve as a connector, bridging the gap between clients and candidates. This means building reciprocal relationships that are beneficial to all parties. Being dynamic, empathetic, relatable, and approachable is key towards building reciprocal relationships.

4. Get the job done right the first time.
Executive sales recruiting is a high stakes job. You typically have one shot to make the right impression on a perspective candidate and convince him or her that it’s worth starting a conversation about joining a different company. This is easier said than done, especially for high performing candidates that may love their current job or not be interested in leaving. Great recruiters thrive on healthy competition, strive to win, and know how to get their foot in the door in order to start a conversation that helps them eventually seal the deal.

Have you ever considered being an executive sales recruiter? I welcome your thoughts on this exciting profession below.