There’s a lot of discussion in the media today about refueling American industry with homegrown talent. Report after report shows that the United States continues to fall further behind relative to other countries when it comes to equipping our workforce with the skills that are in demand today and those that will be needed tomorrow. These shortcomings have both slowed our economic recovery and put our future growth at risk.

I don’t question that we need to focus more energy and effort on educating upcoming generations with the skills they need to compete on the global stage. I do, however, firmly assert that as a nation we are already actively doing so… at least among one talented group of young leaders―our U.S. Military.

In terms of education, job training, work ethic and leadership experience, the United States Military represents a source of skilled, demonstrated, and ready professional talent. Today’s leaders transition from Military service and into corporate America with a notable suite of proficiencies, including:

  • Mature Leadership
  • Adaptable Problem-Solving
  • Accountable Resourcefulness
  • Confident Decisiveness, and
  • Responsible Discipline

The competencies they have mastered while serving in a wide variety of critically important and challenging situations around the world are directly transferable to the operational and managerial epicenters of American businesses. Military job seekers combine resourcefulness, entrepreneurial talent, and exceptional teamwork into a single package. In fact, today’s military veterans are among the most talented, skilled, and seasoned professionals in the business market.

Now is the time for corporate America to recognize the immense potential these experienced, proven young men and women bring to the civilian workforce. Those businesses who do so are wisely investing in themselves, in the resurgence of American industry, and in the growing strength of the U.S. and global economies.

I invite you to learn more about this remarkable pool of professional talent in my white paper Driving Success in Corporate America: Five Important Attributes Military Leaders Bring to Business. As these leaders return from the world stage to communities across our country, the potential benefits they bring to our businesses and to our economy are clear.

We need to retool the American workforce, and transitioning Military professionals are a great place to start.

I’m interested in your stories of Military talent in the corporate workforce. What other critical skills do you believe this group brings to America business? Share your stories with us here.