Military veterans possess highly-qualified, unique skill sets that adapt well for specific civilian careers. As you leave your military career and seek an ideal civilian job, there are a number of exceptional career choices for transitioning military veterans. With extensive experience in not only leadership and management, but also technical skill sets within electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment repair, military veterans are equipped to thrive in a number of roles in today’s high-tech manufacturing and production centers.

Stick To Your Skill Set

The first step to finding the best jobs for transitioning military personnel is to look for positions that match your unique skill set. Do an honest self evaluation of your technical and leadership skill set before you start applying for career positions that might be above or below your current ability level.  For instance, a five-year electronic technician should not be applying for a maintenance supervisor position that requires heavy mechanical experience and vice versa.   By sticking to job descriptions that mimic your actual experience and education, you will be able to better fit in the civilian workforce. If you have experience in electronic engineering or manufacturing, bypass electrician positions and instead look for electronic technician jobs.  Likewise, if you have the ability to manage technicians who repair large mechanical equipment, seek out opportunities that lend well to your expertise. While your skill set and experience may not exactly match what an employer is looking for, your military background will help prove your worth and value to a corporation.

Consider Manufacturing and Production

In my experience as an executive recruiter for Lucas Group, I’ve found that many careers after the military are found within operations, manufacturing and production. With your hands-on background and the additional experience of supervising five to more than 500 individuals, your technical abilities and leadership qualities are an ideal fit for large manufacturing facilities. As you’ve maintained multi-million dollar pieces of equipment for the military, you will be able to do the same in manufacturing, keeping an organization’s production lines up and running while providing unparalleled technical ability in electrical and mechanical engineering.

Transitioning from the military to civilian careers can be a challenge, and Lucas Group recruiters are here to help ease the process and assist you in finding exceptional positions outside of your military career. If you have questions about finding the right opportunity, leave a comment in the field below or contact one of our expert Military recruiters today.