As a legal recruiter, I know law firm recruiters can perceive us as annoying. We are relentless. It’s why we are good at our jobs. We apply the same relentlessness and enthusiasm to finding qualified candidates as we do to earning the business of law firm recruiters.

Giving us a little bit of your time now can save you a lot of time in your candidate search later though. Here are three reasons you want to take our call:

Help Us Help You

Your brief job description only tells us the basics. We’re looking for differentiators between your role and all of the other associate roles out there. Why do you have a need?  Is the group growing?  Was there a departure?  How much responsibility will the associate expect to have? What partners will s/he report to?  Are your partners known as being great mentors to associates? Maybe your group is on the smaller side so that associates get more responsibility or maybe it’s on the bigger side providing broader exposure. Anything that adds color to the blurb on your website is ammunition we use to bring you not just qualified candidates but the right qualified candidates from your local market and from all over the country.

Gather Market Intelligence

We’re out in the job market every day talking to candidates and other law firms, which means we are armed with a wealth of market intelligence. We’re tuned into exactly how your firm is perceived by the marketplace. We help you better understand the perception of your firm, how that is impacting your hiring efforts, and work with you to adjust for that, maximizing your attractiveness to desired candidates.

Develop a Preferred Recruiter List

As soon as you post jobs on your website, you lose control over the recruiting process a bit. Anyone can start calling around to solicit candidates on your behalf, and will, because there are a lot of legal recruiters out there who want your business. Unverified, unscreened resumes come flooding in. I always recommend law firms keep and maintain a preferred recruiter list. That means having conversations with recruiters like myself, sussing out which people you think could be a good fit for your firm and giving them the opportunity to bring you candidates before opening the floodgates. Then keep refining that list based on performance, periodically testing out new recruiters.


If you’d like to speak to me about your recruiting needs you can reach me at or I look forward to getting you on the phone!