The Mile High city is on the rise, transforming itself from a regional hub to a corporate HQ destination. With 20,000 acres of green space, 300 annual days of sunshine and access to a year-round active lifestyle, Denver consistently ranks among America’s best places to live. So why is it so hard to fill HR jobs here?

The New Denver Economy

If you think Denver is just about skiing, breweries and cannabis, think again. Denver was recently ranked the eighth best “tech town in America” by industry group CompTIA– hardly a surprise given that Amazon shortlisted the city for its HQ2. Companies including Charter Communications, Deloitte, Accenture and Lockheed Martin are expanding their presence. VF Corporation, the owner of popular brands like the North Face and Vans, is building its new global headquarters in Denver’s lower downtown district. Shoe giant Crocs recently announced plans for a new global headquarters in Broomfield, northwest of the city center.

As companies expand their operational footprints in Denver, the need for HR talent is increasing, too. Companies are finding themselves in a Catch-22: to keep pace with new growth plans, they need to hire top tier HR professionals. Because businesses across the city have grown quickly, unemployment rates are at historic lows and HR talent is in short supply. To fill open positions, companies must look outside the Denver metro area.

Recruiting HR Talent Into Denver

If you want to hire top-tier HR talent, you need to recruit this talent from outside the city. The right HR recruiter will have regional expertise and national reach, helping your company avoid these common pitfalls:

  1. Moving for the wrong reasons. Selling the Denver lifestyle isn’t difficult – and that’s the problem. Recruiters often run into professionals who are so eager to relocate to Denver that they’re willing to take any job that will get them to the city. Your business ends up footing the expense for their relocation only to have these hires jump ship within a year for opportunities closer to their ideal job. A recruiter can help screen out applicants who are looking for a free ride versus job seekers who are genuinely committed to both the city and your company.
  2. Regional expertise and national reach. There’s a big difference between working with your average “headhunter” and a Denver-based HR recruiter. My team is at the forefront of local market trends. We understand the changing HR landscape because we live it every day. At the same time, our national reach makes it easier to identify the perfect match for your HR needs, no matter where that hire is based.
  3. The inside track to hiring top caliber HR professionals. Perhaps you’ve lucked out with LinkedIn postings or job boards in the past. This hiring strategy isn’t ideal in a tight market, however, since it relies on active candidates to come to you. Here’s where an experienced recruiter can be a real game changer. We can reach the top-tier HR talent that you won’t find on a job board, selling these professionals on the exciting opportunities available at your company. We help educate them on why a job switch and a city switch are worth the risk.