Next time you’re heading off on vacation, consider dropping by the office instead. That may sound crazy, but hear me out.

If you work for a company with offices all over the country (or all over the world!), I highly recommend working out of an office other than your own for a day or two. If you’re going to another city for a work trip, working out of an office is much more pleasant than remoting in from your hotel room. And if you’re traveling for pleasure, check to see if there’s an office near your destination. You can spend a day working there and extend your trip without using up a vacation day.

I recently spent a day working out of Lucas Group’s Denver office. I was accompanying my husband on a business trip and normally I would have spent the day working remotely from our hotel. Instead, I decided to call Rebecca Dappen, the Branch Managing Partner, Accounting & Finance, who invited me to come in for the day.

Rebecca set up a desk for me facing the Front Range Mountains, introduced me to the team, and even took me to lunch. I had a fantastic time meeting my Denver colleagues and observing how our office there works. It was easy to do and was a fantastic experience. Here’s why I recommend this experience to everyone:

Put faces to names

In Denver, I finally met several people that I had only spoken to on the phone or communicated with via email previously. There’s something about connecting in person that truly cements your relationship. Not only is this a lot of fun, but there will also be times in your career when you will need to draw on your relationships across the company to get things done. When you’ve spent time with your coworkers in person, you’ll find that it’s easier to do.

Learn about different job functions

In my home office in Atlanta, I work in the Corporate Finance department. But in Denver, I was able to sit among some of our partners and listen to them help candidates with their job searches and conduct business development calls with clients. It was fascinating to listen to them work, and it helped me better understand that part of our business. Even though I had met some of these colleagues at social functions before, there was something different about seeing them truly come to life in their work environment.

Working in a different office can help you see how your work fits into the company as a whole, and give you a global view of the business. You’ll feel more connected to the overall mission of the company and gain a greater appreciation for your colleagues’ skills.

Immerse yourself in a new culture

Working from an office in a different country can be especially rewarding. You can observe etiquette, watch how your coworkers work together, and learn the nuances of the local market. These learnings can help you to interact with your foreign coworkers more effectively, or tailor your product to better suit that market.

I didn’t leave the US, but even just traveling to Denver was a mini cultural immersion. People in Denver have a great, upbeat energy, but are also wonderfully laid back. Spending time with them was truly a treat.

I’ve been at Lucas Group for twelve years now, so I clearly love this company. But I have to say that after spending time in another office, I have an even more positive view of our company. I’m hoping to visit other offices soon!