Placing highly qualified candidates in ideal positions is what all recruiters say they do, but it takes a compelling recruiter—someone clients and job seekers trust—to help translate job openings into leadership opportunities. Here are five ways to be compelling in recruiting:

1. You’re interested in people.
A compelling recruiter is someone people know and trust. If you’ve shown that you care about what people have to say and appreciate the work they do, that engagement can help you develop better relationships across the board. What I’ve learned in my eleven years of experience as a Lucas Group recruiter, as well as my previous experiences as a military officer and business owner, is how to listen to people in their own terms to better understand their needs and goals.

2. You know how to build bridges.
As a recruiter working with Junior Military Officers (JMOs) transitioning into civilian leadership roles, it’s my job to help candidates and clients understand how military skill sets can benefit corporate business. Regardless of the industry or hiring scenario, a successful recruiter bridges any gaps in understanding between different audiences. That may mean using your knowledge of a candidate to communicate his or her potential to a client beyond what the resume expresses. Or it could mean leveraging your familiarity with a company’s culture to translate a job description into something a candidate can truly visualize.

3. You’ve earned people’s confidence.
Being compelling in recruiting means you don’t have to spend a lot of time convincing candidates or clients why they should accept a position or make an offer. They value your work and opinion because you’ve worked with them every step of the way. Starting from this place of confidence and influence enables you to work efficiently and effectively.

4. People are drawn to you.
As a compelling recruiter, clients and candidates notice that you always treat others with respect, and they see how passionate you are about people and your work. Your enthusiasm and attentiveness allows you to recognize top talent and identify crossover skills that less observant recruiters often miss, and those qualities bring out the best in other people.

5. You maintain good humor in stressful situations.
Good humor is a common denominator in successful and compelling recruiters, and it’s not surprising why: finding a job or filling a position can be a stressful process, so it’s an advantage to work with a recruiter who not only understands the stakes but also helps minimize the stress. Your positive attitude can be a calming influence and cohesive force to assist clients and candidates through a serious process.

Clearly, it takes more than simple persuasiveness to be compelling in recruiting. It means leveraging your proven experience, the relationships you’ve cultivated, and the positive ways you engage with people to facilitate your work. While some recruiters may be in it just for the quick deal, a compelling recruiter is a trusted partner who will be around for the long haul. Who would you rather work with?

What qualities do you think make the most compelling recruiters?