Searching for a job in the aerospace industry? Consider the Southeast region, which is enjoying the country’s fastest rate of job growth in the field.

The data doesn’t lie. The number of aerospace employment opportunities in the Southeast is booming. In fact, the region is enjoying the highest percentage of aerospace job growth in the country, according to a 2015 study by Aviation Week Network.

Whether you’re currently working in the Southeast or you’re open to relocating, this trend is great news for professionals looking to start or advance their careers in the aerospace field.

Areas of Rapid Growth
While the aerospace industry boom is occurring throughout the region, certain states are experiencing more dramatic growth. For example, Boeing recently invested more than $80 million to expand its Space & Security facility in Macon, Georgia – with plans to employ up to 200 people.

According to the South Carolina commerce department, the aerospace industry in South Carolina is outpacing the state’s industrial growth six-fold.

From my professional experience, I’ve seen significant growth in this industry throughout Florida. In fact, I recently completed a round of hiring in Florida for a Fortune 500 aerospace and defense company that was building out its supply chain with professionals from the management to director levels.

Opportunities for New Graduates
While companies are hiring at all levels, new and recent graduates with location flexibility are in a great position to take advantage of strong offers from the Southeast. With expansions and new facilities opening in the region, there are likely to be a variety of entry-level positions available.

New graduates can also reap the benefits of moving to an area that’s rich with opportunities in their field. Choosing to live in the Southeast gives them the flexibility to pursue positions and companies without making a significant relocation.

Potential for Career Advancement
If you currently hold a management position in the aerospace industry and you’re looking to move up, relocating to the Southeast could be a great way for you to secure a more senior position. Expanding companies and divisions are often seeking up-and-comers and a company’s rapid growth could fast track your own advancement.

Are you currently working in the aerospace industry in the Southeast? Tell us about your experiences below.