Corporations spend upwards of $72 billion each year on recruiting services, according to a Forbes article. So it’s no surprise that recruiting is one of the most competitive professions today. Ever wondered how to be a good recruiter? I believe it all comes down to being fantastic listeners. Great recruiters ask probing questions and are never deterred by a “no.” Now, that doesn’t mean they’re pesky – on the contrary, they really care about a candidate’s motivations and in which circumstances they would consider a job change. But they are equally gracious to active and passive candidates, because they’re more interested in long-term relationships than a quick transaction.

Characteristics of a Good Recruiter

The quality and characteristics of a good recruiter can be measured in the quality of candidates that you’re bringing to the table.

Great recruiters plant seeds for the future. They work on building a great networking relationship with all people, be it active jobseekers or those who are happily settled in current positions. Whenever I meet a person with no career “pains” at the time I talk to them, I still consider them a valuable resource. I’ve had multiple instances where an A-plus, passive candidate remembered my name when they were ready to make a move. Sometimes, this occurs even years after we had our initial conversation.

Good recruiters are also deeply invested in the success of the organization they are working for. As an internal recruiter, I know that the competitive advantage of Lucas Group rests on how well our people do. I come into work every day knowing that my job makes a tangible difference to my company.

Lastly, a great recruiter keeps themselves up-to-date on their industry. Circling back to the idea of relationships, I get so much rich information from articles posted by my LinkedIn connections! As recruiter, your net worth is very much your network.

What would you tell someone who asked you how to be a good recruiter?  I’d love to hear your thoughts below.