Houston-based sales and marketing jobs are coming back strong in 2017– are you prepared to capitalize on these new opportunities? Position yourself for success by focusing your job hunt on the fastest growing industries and highlighting the most sought-after skills on your resume.

Which industries are hiring Houston sales and marketing talent?

As a Senior Executive Search Consultant focused primarily on industrial sales and marketing roles, I know that finding the perfect position isn’t easy, especially after the recent oil and gas downturn. The key to landing a new job: applying in an industry with more openings and less competition.

  1. Building materials. Thanks to Houston’s ongoing downtown redevelopment, commercial and residential construction continues to be strong. Arch-Con Construction, for example, has expanded by 437% since 2012. Companies selling building products and services, like sheetrock, concrete, siding, doors and windows are strong bets for 2017.
  2. Industrial services. With oil and gas slowly recovering, downstream companies have a larger budget for services. Rather than investing in new products, these companies want to stay on top of maintenance needs and maximize the lifetime of their investments. Here, the focus is on selling services and value, rather than new products. If you apply for a job with a company servicing these downstream needs, emphasize your ability to sell service value.
  1. Digital innovators. While my focus here at Lucas Group is on industrial sales and marketing positions, cloud-based IT service providers are also enjoying rapid growth. For example, accounting technology provider AcctTwo grew 461% between 2012 and 2015 and Onit, an enterprise legal management platform provider, grew by 990%. Both companies landed a spot on the 5000 list. If you’re looking to transition to a new industry, technology sales could be a smart move.

How can I improve my resume and land an interview?

Whether you’re applying for a position within your current industry or looking to switch industries, success hinges on your ability to highlight relevant skills and accomplishments. Here’s how to stand out from the competition:

  1. Highlight the right accomplishments. This is one of the most common resume mistakes I see when working with sales and marketing talent. These individuals have great accomplishments – exceeding quota, managing successful marketing campaigns – but their resumes don’t do them justice. It’s not enough to just list “exceeded quota” under a sales position. Quantify your success: by how much did you exceed quota? How many quarters did you do this? The same goes for marketing campaigns: can you tie a revenue increase to your campaign? What about improved client retention or better customer satisfaction scores?
  2. Show your promotion path. Include previous position titles to show a clear advancement path within your organization. You don’t have to be overly detailed about past job duties, but you should include dates and titles to show how quickly you’ve been promoted. Doing so also demonstrates your ability to be a quick learner, a key skill if you’re switching industries.
  3. Keep your LinkedIn profile updated. Even if you’re not actively searching for a new position, be sure your LinkedIn profile reflects your latest accomplishments. Just like with your resume, quantify successes here and get specific. How much did you exceed quota? How successful was your marketing campaign and what metrics did you use to measure this success? Include keywords that are unique to your industry and specialization. You never know who may reach out and recruit you!


For more information on Houston sales and marketing job opportunities and in-demand skill sets, contact me at jbenitez@lucasgroup.com.