When manufacturing firms are looking to hire experienced, hard-working, resourceful professionals, they often overlook one of the most promising talent pools: military veterans.

Veterans are an asset in nearly any industry, but they’re especially well-suited to work in manufacturing. If your company hasn’t already invested in making more veteran hires, keep reading to learn why you should dip into this talent pool immediately.

Leadership Skills

Many manufacturing companies are hoping to fill leadership positions, such as operations supervisors, plant managers, QA managers, maintenance supervisors and other similar roles.

Not only does the military deliver extensive leadership training, but it puts service members in charge of teams of people with diverse backgrounds and experience levels. Manufacturing plants are often comprised of similarly diverse groups of workers, giving veteran employees a major advantage when they step into these positions.

Performance Under Pressure

Manufacturing employees often work in high pressure situations with tight deadlines and concrete budgets. While this type of environment can prove challenging for professionals from other backgrounds, veterans excel in these situations.

Few professionals have the same ability make to fast and accurate decisions, quickly adjust to unexpected developments and perform without hesitation when the stakes are at their highest. Veterans are an ideal fit for meeting new challenges and producing the best outcomes in these environments.


Great teamwork is essential in manufacturing plants, where the slowdown or halt of a single division can have a significant impact on the entire operation. Because military culture revolves around strong teamwork, veterans are a natural fit in these environments.

With the understanding that each team member plays an essential role, service members are not only trained to perform to the best of their ability, but also to fill in for team members who can’t fulfill their roles at any given time. Veterans are used to sacrificing and pushing their entire team to a higher level of performance to ensure the success of a project.

These are just a few of the skills that veterans bring to manufacturing firms. But as beneficial as veteran hires can be, companies should also look beyond performance benefits and bottom lines when making these employment decisions. Unemployment among veterans remains far too high, and companies can exercise corporate responsibility by making a concerted effort to hire our nation’s former service members.


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