Scan listings for HR jobs in Denver and you may get a feeling of déjà vu. Companies are struggling to find qualified talent and they’re posting the same openings again and again – and continuing to come up empty.

The Mile High City consistently ranks among America’s best places to live, so why is it so hard to hire top talent for HR jobs in Denver? Part of the problem is a disconnection between how hiring managers think Denver’s job market is working and what’s actually happening on the ground. As unemployment continues to stay at a record low, there are simply fewer qualified professionals actively looking for new opportunities. Compared with cities like San Francisco and Chicago, Denver’s HR talent pool is much smaller.

Companies that follow the “post and pray” method are setting themselves up for a difficult candidate search. Simply posting an opening is unlikely to attract qualified candidates. Oftentimes, companies end up with a lengthy list of second-tier candidates who aren’t the right fit. Some of these candidates may not even live in Denver but are hoping to make the move and consequently applying for any open position, regardless of their qualifications. As a result, HR departments are flooded with resumes from unqualified candidates, wasting valuable resources on time consuming and unproductive searches.

Benefits of a Recruitment Agency for HR Jobs in Denver

Ready to break through the hiring impasse? Here’s how:

  1. Assess your current hiring strategy in relation to the market.

    Perhaps you’ve had good luck with posting open positions on job boards or LinkedIn  in the past. But if you’re flooded with applications from unqualified professionals – and desperately searching for that “diamond in the rough” – it’s time to leave the “post and pray” approach behind.

  2. Reallocate your hiring resources.

    Even with careful screening, it’s easy to miss a great candidate when your team is reviewing 300+ resumes in just one week for an open position. This approach is also not the most effective way to utilize your hiring resources. Rather than waiting for candidates to see your open position and apply, why not go after the right fit from the very beginning? This is one of the benefits of a recruitment agency. We combine local expert knowledge with deep, national reach. Even in a tight market, we can quickly field a curated list of ideal candidates, often at a fraction of your current job search costs.

  3. Partner with the right executive recruiter.

    There’s a big difference between working with a run-of-the-mill headhunter and a specialized executive recruiter. The best recruitment agency will have recruiters who specialize in your discipline. My team at Lucas Group, for example, focuses and works only with HR professionals. We also have three other divisions in Denver to provide our clients with an inside track to top talent. Given our niche, we understand the ins and outs of the specialties within HR, and can work across any industry. We know what it takes for top job candidates  to consider switching positions. Most importantly, we know how to sell them on opportunities at your company– ensuring your new hire will be engaged and energized from day one.


Authored by: Brandi McBride