I’ve been challenged to describe a day in the life of a recruiter. I wish there was such a thing as a typical day! The industry has experienced an incredible paradigm shift, where social media makes it that much easier to connect with great people. At the same time, it means having a laser focus on maintaining existing relationships, while developing valuable new ones. All in just 24 hours of the day.

Here, I outline some typical experiences I’ve seen in my career as a recruiter.

What Does a Recruiter Do Day to Day?

Balance and Plan

My day consists of the balancing act of servicing my existing clients and searches, with organically created new business development opportunities. I also spend time connecting with candidates that are actively and passively exploring the market. To do this well, I’ve learned to plan, plan, plan and then plan again.

Recruiters juggle so many responsibilities in our role that we must allocate time and plan our days to cover all that is needed. I strongly believe an effective recruiter is thoroughly planned before setting foot in the office the next day.

Be Flexible

I know I just said, “plan ahead!” But it’s equally necessary to be flexible and agile to deal with the roller-coaster ride that is recruiting. Priorities and needs change all the time. Recruiters need to remember that at the end of the day, they are talking and working with other people.

Focus on People

In my job as a recruiter, I’ve learned that people are the most unpredictable “product” out there. To navigate this, the best recruiters learn to be genuinely honest and communicate transparently with both clients and candidates. I believe great recruiters have a keen ability to read people and understand needs and motivations.

Be Social

As much as I connect with people in person, I also regularly review my LinkedIn Groups and Twitter connections to stay relevant on industry news and updates. Online relationships and information are central to recruiting today. Being social helps me deliver on the two most fulfilling aspects of my job; delivering talent that my clients are unable to find on their own and providing ideal opportunities for candidates.