From an incredible food scene to a very successful and expanding employer base, Atlanta is experiencing a significant growth spurt, making it an ideal city for accounting & finance professionals. Having lived and worked in Atlanta for more than 10 years, I’ve seen accounting & finance careers explode in the area while enjoying the many perks the city has to offer.

With the busiest airport in the world, Atlanta has quickly become a target city for both companies and professionals. Many companies have recently moved to the area and are hiring top talent to help lead them to success. Corporate giants like Delta, Home Depot, Comcast’s Cable Division and Coca-Cola call Atlanta home, and accounting & finance professionals are benefiting from the increase in jobs and a healthier economy. Keep in mind, Atlanta’s business landscape isn’t saturated in just one market. There’s a mix of industries in the metro area ranging from manufacturing to communications, technology to distribution. Also, there are several emerging industries on the rise such as film production, which will continue to positively affect many other sectors of our economy.

With a melting pot of transplants and natives in the Atlanta metro area, the city boasts an eclectic and unique food scene, often including a bit of Southern flair. The diverse culture provides something for everyone in terms of dining, entertainment, arts, events and more. Living in Atlanta is not only exciting but also convenient. Professionals can live in the city or further out in the suburbs and either way enjoy a lower cost of living than in other large metropolitan areas. Tired of snowy Northeast winters? Atlanta is fortunate to have a relatively moderate climate. With mild seasons and in close proximity to the beach and the mountains, you can experience a little bit of everything within a short driving distance of the city.

A native of New York and having later lived in Miami, I’m proud to call Atlanta home. If you’re interested in learning more about Atlanta and what it has to offer for accounting & finance professionals, connect with me in the comments below.