Atlanta is now one of America’s fastest-growing cities and the economy shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. For accounting and finance professionals, Atlanta is very much a candidate’s market. New companies are moving into the city and established companies are expanding operations– and these companies have very specific hiring needs, which they’re struggling to fill.

As an Atlanta-based Accounting & Finance recruiter, I work closely with companies to address their immediate talent needs. These are three of the most common hiring situations and skills that are consequently most in-demand:

Companies with new private equity owners

Many of the companies I work with have been bought out by a private equity firm and now have very aggressive growth plans for the next five to seven years. With tight financial targets to hit, they’re looking for candidates who have experience with process improvement and have a proven track record of helping scale quickly. Candidates who can give examples of when they’ve implemented a system that generated efficiencies or reduced waste, and can quantify how much money they saved or made their employer, are very attractive hires for these companies.

These companies are often transitioning from private ownership or family ownership, so they’re also looking for candidates who have experience professionalizing financial reporting, which can be a painstaking process of going back through old reports and reconciling accounts.

Companies looking to grow through acquisition

On the flip side, I’m also seeing quite a few companies who are looking to grow through acquisitions. At these companies, the most critical skill for a new hire to have is leadership ability. These companies are looking for leaders who can attract and retain talent, and who can successfully integrate new team members into the parent company’s culture.

In addition to leadership ability, these companies are often looking for candidates who can help manage a significant step-change in their size and scale. Often this means upgrading to more sophisticated enterprise software for business analysis and financial reporting. Candidates who have experience with these systems (e.g., Hyperion or SAP) are in high demand.

Companies in the technology sector

The technology sector is booming in Atlanta. Every day, it seems like a new tech company launches in Atlanta or opens a new regional office. Since many of these companies are start-ups, they’re looking for individuals who are comfortable with risk. They’re also looking for candidates who are comfortable with having less structure to their days and wearing many hats within the business. This more freewheeling, risk-taking candidate isn’t always easy to find in the conservative world of accounting and finance. Additionally, since software companies must adhere to a particular revenue recognition standard set by the Financial Accounting Standards Board, these companies need candidates who are familiar with financial reporting nuances.

If you’re in the market for a new role and have one or more of these sought-after skill sets, then you’re well-positioned to capitalize on the favorable job market. On the flip side, if you’re a hiring manager struggling to source one of these prized candidates, there’s no need to do so alone. As a specialized recruiter, my job is to make your hiring process easier, connecting you with passive candidates who may not be actively searching for a new position but would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your company.

Struggling with a difficult talent search or just want to chat about the Atlanta market? Feel free to reach out to us and we will connect with you a recruiter who can help.