What is a Finance and Accounting Recruiter?

As an executive recruiter for Accounting and Finance, I enjoy creating the best possible matches between excellent companies and candidates within the financial services sector. And as economic uncertainty abates, I now see an uptick in the demand for positions in finance, as well as for corporate headhunters in the Accounting and Finance field.

So, what does Accounting and Finance recruiters do? Like all other recruiters, they’re responsible for client and business development, candidate sourcing and screening and successful placement. They also draw on skills such as excellent communication, sharp business acumen and financial savvy to help companies find the right candidates.

What does a Finance and Accounting Recruiter Do?

If you’re looking for a financial recruiter job description, here are some important aspects of the position.

Work Across Specialties and Industries
Accounting and Finance recruiting offers the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of companies, industries and roles. While some finance recruiters deal with investment banks, private equity firms and hedge funds, most work across industries such as IT, manufacturing, oil and gas and consumer products.

You’ll help place candidates in departments such as:

  • • Financial Planning and Analysis
    • Tax
    • Investor Relations
    • Accounting
    • Financial Reporting
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Treasury Capital Markets
    • Audit
  • Your candidates will also be diverse. You might work to place a controller with a mid-size glass manufacturing company, an auditor with a healthcare organization, a CFO with a Fortune 100 IT company or a manager with a Big Four accounting firm.

    Learn About Business Trends
    The financial world is changing rapidly, with increased global competition and government regulation. Financial markets are unsettled, and complexity is the trend of the future. Savvy companies know that an uncertain marketplace presents opportunities as well as challenges, and they need the right talent in place.

    Accounting and Finance recruiters don’t need to have specialized knowledge to succeed, but it helps to be curious about business and economics. It’s important to understand global, national and local industry trends well enough to help companies find the solutions they need. For example, staying abreast of local business trends such as greater integration between accounting and finance, a high concern with regulatory issues or a focus on new technologies for portfolio management will help you better target your candidate search.

    Navigate a Precise and Demanding Field
    Even more crucial than in other industries, employers within the financial world tend to require specific and highly-specialized skill sets. Accounting and Finance recruiters must work to understand employer needs and find candidates who can best meet them. Even general positions within the financial sector often require expertise with complex financial instruments such as fixed income mutual funds. Employers want to know that candidates have proven functional experience with those tools, in addition to general experience in management or financial analysis.

    High-stakes situations are common in finance, and recruiters must be tactful and sensitive when working with clients. As an Accounting and Finance recruiter, it’s important to build trust through honest and expert consulting, anticipating client needs and delivering candidates that are excellent matches.

    Even though Accounting and Finance recruiting is demanding, it offers great rewards. If you like working with people and are curious about the numbers behind business, it might be the career for you.

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