Moving to a new city can be beneficial both personally and professionally and help avoid feeling burnt out in your career.

Burn out is a common feeling that almost everyone experiences at some point in their careers. There are many ways to deal with burn out, and one is moving to a new city. Throughout the twelve years of my professional career, I have made five moves to various parts of the country—Virginia to Nebraska to Arkansas to Pennsylvania to New York to Atlanta. Throughout these life changes, I’ve learned to appreciate the positive that comes from living in different cities and believe each of these experiences has helped mold me personally and professionally.

A More Well-Rounded Perspective

Living in various cities makes an individual more well-rounded both culturally and socially. There is a lot of excitement in learning about a new place and culture, which offers an individual a wider viewpoint and perspective on life in general. A new city can provide an adrenaline rush and a sense of adventure while also allowing one to meet new friends with various cultural backgrounds.

Appreciation and Confidence

After living in smaller cities in Arkansas and Nebraska, I gained a new appreciation for the things I enjoy about life in a larger city. I took for granted opportunities I had previously has access to, which made me thankful for what I had while living in larger cities such as New York and Atlanta. Moving to a new place also offers a confidence and energy boost. Taking a leap will make one feel more secure in their level of experience, knowledge and resilience.

Access to New Industries and Opportunities

Every city has its dominant industry. In Nebraska, it was call centers because of the lack of a localized accent. In Arkansas, it was sales due to Walmart’s headquarters in the area; in New York finance dominated and now in Atlanta, I see the IT and start up spaces booming.. Living in these various cities has allowed me to gain knowledge of various industries and broaden my horizons in terms of my career.

While it’s not always possible to uproot to a new place, consider doing so if it’s a viable option. If you’re feeling burnt out in your career or in the city in which you’re based, moving to a new place can be the fresh start you need to feel rejuvenated personally and professionally.

Are you considering a relocation? Where would you be looking to move and what is your reasoning? I love hearing other’s stories, so please share below!