It’s easy to talk yourself out of attending a military hiring conference. Sitting at home and submitting resumes online requires much less effort than showing up in person, but it also yields fewer, if any results.

I make the bulk of my placements through hiring conferences, which bring together candidates who are motivated to find great jobs and employers who are motivated to fill positions. Learn more about why military hiring conferences are so vital and how you can reap the benefits of attending one.

  1. Show Off Your Personality

The number one reason to attend a conference is for the opportunity to connect with employers face-to-face. Even a phone or Skype interview can’t compare to the connection you can form when you talk to a hiring manager in person. The reason? Personality plays a major role in most job hires. When you’re engaged, undistracted and able to give an employer your full attention, you’ll make a stronger first impression.

It’s all about getting an employer to like you. If a company is going to invest thousands of dollars training a new employee on equipment and systems, it’s essential that individual is also a good fit with the company’s culture. It’s much easier to form a strong rapport with a hiring manager when you’re sitting across the table at a hiring conference.

  1. Prove You’re Invested

When a job is posted online, hiring managers can quickly rack up hundreds if not thousands of applications. As stellar as your online application may be, managers know these types of submissions don’t require much effort and it can be difficult to stand out.

Candidates who take the time to prepare for and attend a hiring conference display a much higher level of commitment than online applicants. As a result, hiring managers and recruiters tend to take conference attendees more seriously and give them more time and attention in return.

  1. Expand Your Opportunities

When you attend a hiring conference, you’re gaining exposure to a large number of potential employers all at once. In the time you would have spent researching and applying for one position at home, you could be chatting with representatives from 10 different companies.

But that’s not the only way hiring conferences expand the number of opportunities for a candidate. If you’re an aerospace specialist who’s applying for positions on your own, you might limit yourself to job openings at aerospace companies. But after attending a conference and talking with various hiring managers, you’re likely to realize that your skills qualify you to work at companies in a much wider range of industries. I’ve seen candidates meet with potential employers at conferences and land positions with organizations they would’ve never otherwise considered.


Have you ever attended a Lucas Group military hiring conference? If so, what was your experience? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.