As a Legal Recruiter with Lucas Group, candidates often ask if working with me or an executive search firm will affect their chances of getting a position. Much to the contrary, an executive recruiter greatly benefits both candidates and clients through the search process and can help candidates land the next step in their career.

How recruiters benefit candidates:

For candidates, recruiters can often open doors to opportunities that you may not be able to gain access to on your own. Our business is about relationships. With an extensive network in the legal industry, law firms and corporations are more apt to respond a telephone call or email from me as a trusted advisor rather than a candidate. A good executive recruiter will also provide valuable insights and coach and prep you throughout the interview process, helping you every step of the way. And we do so without candidates incurring a cost or fee.

What’s in it for clients and employers?

From the client perspective, recruiters help eliminate the time-consuming legwork needed to find high-performing professionals. We source the top talent in the market—both active and passive professionals— and we strategically match their qualifications, personalities and skill sets with our clients’ needs and culture. By providing the information they need when they need it and ensuring candidates are prescreened and prepped for interviews, clients can rest assured that we offer them the best candidates. Successful executive recruiters understand employers’ complex recruiting needs and can help address them with transcendent talent.

Executive recruiters and search firms provide value-added services to both candidates and clients to help bridge the gap between leading employers and the top professionals in the market. With more than two decades of experience as both a practicing attorney and legal recruiter, I strive to be a strategic partner and resource to both parties and provide solutions for their careers and businesses.

Do you have reservations about working with a recruiter? Have you worked with a recruiter in the past? Share your experiences with us below.