There’s no getting around it. Job searches are nerve wracking and can do a number on your self-confidence. You often face a lot of rejection before finally hitting it out of the ballpark.
As an executive recruiter, I see candidates filled with apprehension quite a bit, especially when they are unemployed. But once you start obsessing and asking yourself “Will I get the job?” or “When will I get a job?” you’re undermining your own success. Here are a few traps you fall into:

You Don’t Apply
When you don’t believe in yourself, you often assume you’re not qualified for positions and then don’t bother applying. You can’t get a job when you don’t even put yourself in the running!

You Don’t Network Successfully
A huge chunk of job interviews are obtained through networking but if you don’t present yourself with self-assurance, it is unlikely people will make referrals on your behalf.

You Undersell Yourself
Once you get the interview, you need to show you’re qualified but also convey that you’re the person they should hire above all other candidates. But if you don’t believe you’re the best person for the job, you’re bound to be tentative about saying you are.

You Don’t Negotiate
If you do get the job offer, you’re often so glad to get the job that you don’t negotiate the best possible deal, a mistake that can impact your earning power for years to come.
Tips on how to get a job are ineffective until you improve your confidence level. It really is the one thing needed for success. Here’s how to get your groove back:

Think Small
Employment is hugely important for personal fulfillment as well as supporting a family so it’s easy to think of the consequences of not getting a job as catastrophic. Forget about the big picture. Focus on smaller objectives that you know you can tackle like perfecting your resume or landing three informational meetings so that you’re constantly succeeding.

Do Things That Make You Happy
Wallowing in self-doubt will only increase your anxiety. Go out and do the things that you love. Play sports, hang out with your friends, or take your kids to the park. By lifting your spirits you’ll be far more likely to attack your job search with a positive attitude.

Remember That a Job Search is a Matchmaking Process
Whenever you don’t get a job, it’s easy to go straight to thinking you simply weren’t good enough. But in actuality, it’s more likely you just weren’t the right person for the position. To land a job where you’ll flourish, you and the company need to be compatible in a variety of ways. Skill set, industry background, personality type, working style and more all come into play. When you don’t get a job you were vying for it may be a letdown in the short term but stay positive. Send a thank you email asking for feedback and you never know where it might lead in the future.

Confront Your Weaknesses
One of the hardest parts of interviewing, especially when you’re plagued by self-doubt, is assessing your weaknesses. But discussing your weaknesses is something interviewers really want to see you do. When thinking about your weaknesses, focus on how you overcome them and how addressing them has made you better and stronger.
Nagging voices in you head hold you back from the success you deserve, and confidence is the key to landing the job of your dreams.
What techniques do you use when you’re questioning yourself during a job search? Share your success stories with us in the comments.