Most professionals (including hiring managers) can easily spot a great resume that stands out among hundreds of other applications. However, my years of placing top job candidates with excellent companies have taught me that crafting a solid, attention-grabbing resume is one of the biggest challenges applicants face.

Among the best strategies for developing a standout resume? Call attention to your professional accomplishments. Highlighting resume accomplishments presents a strong professional snapshot and will help you land the position of your dreams.

Quantify Your Achievements
Let’s say your resume boasts that you increased positive media coverage for your company. When a hiring manager reads that statement, she has no idea whether you’ve upped media mentions by 2 or by 2000.

Measurements and data with actual numbers give your accomplishments an added level of specificity that makes them more impressive. So whether you managed a $2 million budget or you brought the number of technical errors down to zero, add accurate numbers to quantify your achievements.

Highlight Changes and Comparisons
There are a few areas professionals tend to overlook when they’re choosing accomplishments for resume inclusion. One involves changes you created or supported over the course of your career. Maybe you were on the team that developed a new organizational system or you rewrote the company’s mission statement. Making or contributing to change for other companies shows potential employers that you’re ready to do the same within their organization.

You can dig into another treasure trove of accomplishments by looking at how you stack up to your colleagues. Did you place a higher volume of sales calls than any other first year executive? Did your department produce the company’s fastest turnaround times? Are you the only manager whose projects came in under budget 100% of the time? No matter how small the distinction is, accomplishments like these set you apart from the rest of the pack.

Give Your Accomplishments Prime Real Estate
Perhaps you’re confused about where to include accomplishments on resume documents. Start by swapping out job duties for job accomplishments when creating bullet points under each job title. Another smart option is to push one or two of your most impressive achievements to the top of your resume by working them directly into your objective statement.

You can also feature your accomplishments by including testimonials from former and current colleagues. With testimonials proving to be effective tools on professional websites as well as LinkedIn, more job seekers are adding a few short quotes to their resumes. The next time you request a testimonial from a colleague ask him to address your favorite accomplishment. Having someone else describe your successes will give those words additional weight and a fresh perspective.

How do you list accomplishments on your resume? Share the strategies that have worked for you in the comments below.