There are several reasons why recruiters withhold a company’s name and salary information before having an initial call with a candidate.

While candidates may be anxious to learn more details about a potential career move, there are very important reasons why a recruiter doesn’t share a company’s name or salary information before having an initial call with the candidate. At Lucas Group, we take pride in the consultative service that we provide to both our clients and candidates and have developed a system and process that enables us to get to know our candidates and ensure we’re making matches based on skill sets, personality types and cultural fits.

One reason a recruiter withholds details about a position is to maintain a strong relationship with the client. In many cases, there are confidentiality factors to consider. Perhaps the client is replacing a current employee in the role, or the client simply doesn’t want the available position to be plastered all over job boards online. No matter the reasoning, confidentiality and trust are major components of the recruiter-employer relationship, and we must maintain our credibility and integrity with each search.

Further, at Lucas Group we want to build relationships with our candidates. Rather than simply e-mailing information over, we want to have an initial call to get to know you. We want to understand your goals, abilities and what you are looking for in a role. These calls allow us to get to know our candidates on a deeper level so we can determine whether or not a role would be a good fit.

As it’s important to build a trusting relationship with a client, it’s equally as important to build trust with a candidate. Having a call to get to learn more about one’s experience and personality can help us determine if it would be a good career move. Recruiters can help candidates identify and articulate exactly what they’re looking for in a role and use that information to present exceptional opportunities to them.

In today’s modern, technology-driven world, we often receive push back from candidates on scheduling a call. While e-mail can be a faster way to disseminate information about a position, we want to get to know our candidates and gauge their interest prior to sharing the details of a position. Communication is key in making long-term, strategic matches, and speaking to a candidate prior to divulging the details of a position can be critical in finding the ideal individual for each and every role.

Have you recently worked with a recruiter who did not initially share information about the role? How was your experience? Share your thoughts with us below.