While working with a recruiter is recommended for most job seekers, this is especially true for legal jobseekers due to the nature of the legal industry.

Working with a recruiter through the job search process is much like having an agent. As a recruiter, we are able to provide candidates and jobseekers with insight and information to help you land sought-after legal jobs that will advance your career. In my time as a legal recruiter, I have found that while some jobseekers may be skeptical of recruiters initially, after walking through the process with me they find themselves in a more fulfilling position in the end—both personally and professionally. There are numerous reasons why jobseekers should work with recruiters, and I’ve compiled my top three below:

A Recruiter is Your Advocate
As your advocate, recruiters can provide you with inside information on companies, positions, salaries, the industry and more. We are able to leverage our relationships, network and knowledge to help you get the best offers from the top companies and firms. By offering career advice, salary recommendations and strategic counsel, recruiters partner with their candidates and act as a resource throughout the entire job search process.

Confidentiality is Key
Recruiters understand that making a career move in the legal industry is highly sensitive. We take confidentiality seriously and only have your best interests in mind. Often we will talk to employers and hiring managers about a client without revealing a name in the beginning of the process. This ensures we maintain our candidates’ trust while also bringing the best of the talent pool to our clients.

Job Searching is a Full Time Job
The job search process can be all-consuming. Rather than spend time browsing through job postings or sending out resumes, let a recruiter do the work for you. Recruiters are up-to-date on the latest industry news and trends and can bring the best legal opportunities to you, leaving you time to spend working in your current role.

Whether you’re a recent law school graduate or a seasoned attorney who is looking for a career move, legal recruiters can help you navigate the job search process and elevate your career.

Have you worked with a recruiter in the past? Tell us your experiences—good or bad—below.