Are you struggling to land in-person interviews or connect with hiring managers? In a down job market like the one we currently have in Houston, it’s tempting to flood as many companies as possible with your resume in hopes that if you apply to enough places, eventually someone will call you back. Unfortunately, this approach is both exhausting and ineffective. It’s like throwing a Hail Mary and hoping someone – anyone – is in the end zone to catch the pass. The chances for pass completion? Unless you’re Aaron Rogers, almost none.

Why Solution Selling Works for Job Seekers and Hiring Managers

When working with job seekers, I’ve embraced a time-tested process historically used in sales and applied it to executive recruiting: solution selling. Solution selling is a consultative approach that identifies the unique challenges and opportunities a company is facing within their current marketplace. I then match that company with a job candidate who is uniquely equipped to address these challenges.

Solution selling is a highly effective approach for the Houston job market. Thanks to the downturn in oil and gas, many companies that service this industry are finding that they need to develop new product lines, services or offerings in order to stay in business. Doing so is critical to widening their client base and differentiating themselves from the competition.

Houston is also a leader in cutting-edge medical technology, and a consultative approach is just as relevant for jobs in this field as it is for the oil and gas industry. By understanding a company’s needs, I can match the right applicant to the right business. There’s no need for the job seeker to blanket companies with applications and hiring managers don’t have to sift through thousands of resumes looking for that magical “needle in a haystack.”

Solution Selling in Action

Recently, I placed the new Director of OEM Sales for a components manufacturing company. While the company is based in Oklahoma, their heavy reliance on oil and gas clients left the company vulnerable to Houston’s fluctuating economy. This also made the company an ideal candidate for solution selling.

Prior to recommending the executive candidate, I focused on the company’s current challenges – heavy reliance on oil and gas clients, lack of client-base diversity – and considered the type of executive candidate who could best address these challenges. Ultimately, the executive I placed will help the company pivot their go-to-market strategy and reposition the business as an engineered product solution company with less reliance on oil and gas clients. This positive outcome for both the company and the job candidate would not have been possible without solution selling.

Next Steps: Solution Selling in the Houston Job Market

Are you struggling to land interviews or connect with companies? You may benefit from Solution Selling. With Solution Selling, a recruiter can identify the companies that are most in need of your skill set and experience and then match you to these businesses. That’s a win-win for everyone.

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