You landed the job interview, but you only have 24 hours (if that) to prepare! It’s time to get focused and make the most of your time with these three last minute interview tips. Don’t fret. You’ve got this.

1. Brush up on the company, the position and the hiring manager.
Take an hour and find out as much as you can about the company and the position as well as who will be interviewing you. Make sure to read through the company website and social media pages and any available bios for your interviewer(s). Look for recent news in the form of press releases or blogs that might give you more insight into your potential future employer. Do another read of the job description so you have a grasp of that basic information to ask more intelligent questions…and write three to five of those questions down.

2. Brush up on you.
Read over your resume and your LinkedIn page (if you keep it updated) to recall each position you have had, specific projects you’ve worked on and your top achievements. You might think you’d automatically remember these things, however, there might be points that you have forgotten over time that would be valuable to mention for this particular position. Jot down a few bullets with job anecdotes that are worth mentioning when appropriate during the interview. Fine-tune your interview mindset and who you are talking to. When you brush up on yourself, noting your top achievements is great, but how is what you’ve done going to help this company affect its bottom line—that’s what you should really hone in on. This “self-review” could take about hour or so.

3. Get rest and be fresh.
This is not cramming for a college exam, so don’t pull an all-nighter! You’ll be better off having all your wits about you with a solid night’s sleep. Do lay out your clothes, put aside any printouts (like your resume and portfolio), pack your notepad and pen and map out directions prior to sleeping so that you are set for the next day and don’t forget something at the last minute.

Armed with these last minute interview tips, you are sure to do great. Now breathe.