This is the final post of a three part series: In the last two blogs I discussed what to look for in a recruiter and how to effectively engage one. Now it’s time to consider the next steps and discuss how to proceed in the process in a manner that will result in maximizing your chances for not just finding – but landing – an outstanding opportunity. You can catch up on the first two blogs in this series here.

Don’t Play Hard to Get

When we discuss an opportunity that is of interest to you, tell me.  Don’t play hard to get.

Believe it or not, companies are paying more for candidates that show a genuine interest in their company.  If you think by playing the “well, if the money is right, I’ll take the job” game is the way to entice them to pay you more, you’re sadly mistaken, my friend.  Also, if you plan on accepting a counter offer to stay at your current company, here’s a word of advice.  Don’t do it.  It won’t be in your best interest.  Sure, you may get a few extra dollars today.  But, the next time a lay-off hits your company, the first people they will cut are those who have shown any disloyalty.

So, here’s what you do: if you truly feel you deserve a raise, just go to your boss and demand a raise.  Seriously.  If you get one, congratulations!  Note, most raises are around between four and five percent these days.  If you don’t get one, you’ll know it’s probably time to start looking around.  By the way, most salary increases for changing jobs these days are around 10 percent, so don’t be expecting to get 25 percent or more.  Those rarely happen.  Just pay your dues, and your rewards will come.

Once You’re In, You’re In

That leads me to my last point: once I place you in a company, I cannot and will not pull you out of that company.  Ethics are of paramount importance to an executive recruiter.  If a company pays me a handsome fee to hire you, I cannot take you or anyone else at the company out of there.

However, if you should leave that company for whatever reason, I will be happy to work with you again.  I have been successful in placing a number of candidates various times throughout their careers.

A Little Background on Me

For nearly 15 years I have been recruiting Account Management/Media/Strategic Planning personnel for leading ad agencies coast to coast.  Prior to recruiting, I spent a decade in Account Management for FCB, Bozell, and other notable agencies.

Today, I work with partners who fill positions in CRM/Interactive, Sales Promotion, Public Relations, etc.  We work together in the advertising industry.  Rest assured when you call Lucas Group looking for a PR Director position, we immediately have you talk with someone had a career in communications prior to recruiting in it.  We walk the walk, and we talk the talk.

A recruiter can be a valuable and indispensible asset as you grow your career, so you might as well find a good one that has deep passion for and direct knowledge in your industry.  All the best to you.