More than 225 million people use LinkedIn, the top social media site for professionals. If you are not on LinkedIn, get on it ASAP, even if you’re not currently looking for a job. LinkedIn has become an essential avenue for marketing your personal brand, resume and experience, and its networking capability provides exponential opportunity.

As a recruitment professional, I’ve witnessed firsthand how an effective LinkedIn presence can assist professionals in building and growing their careers.

Here are my four top LinkedIn tips and tricks for job seekers:

Post a professional photo of yourself. This may fall in the LinkedIn tips 101 category, but you’d be surprised what people feel is appropriate photography for a professional display. You may love that shot of you on the beach, but save it for your personal Facebook page. Instead, include a well-lit and clear (not pixelated) headshot of yourself in work attire.

Fill in your professional experience. Think of this page as resume and cover letter in one — sell yourself through a thoughtful summary of your background and outline of your experience, which includes more than just where you worked and when you worked there. Add what your main responsibilities and achievements were for each position. Also, remember to include keywords that are unique to your industry and specialization so that your profile will appear in targeted recruiting searches.

Ask for recommendations. Did you do a killer job at your last company? Then send your previous boss a friendly note and request a recommendation through LinkedIn. They’ll be able to post it right on your LinkedIn page, which will boost your professional credibility.

Be open about your interests and intentions. Let recruiters and potential employers know that you’re on the job hunt by displaying a Job Seeker Badge (it’s a briefcase icon) next to your name on your profile and in search results. Doing so will help you get you noticed by hiring managers, according to the LinkedIn Help Center. Just make sure to turn the badge off if you don’t want your current employer to know that you are looking.

Would you like to learn more LinkedIn tips? Let us know — we’d love to help you out!