Is your resume languishing in a job applicant stack – or is it landing you interviews and job offers? If your resume is continually being passed over, then an infographic resume may be just what you need to stand out from a sea of generic applications.

An infographic takes a large amount of text and numbers and condenses this information into a combination of images, charts and text, allowing the reader to quickly grasp essentials. Infographics capitalize on the fact that our brains are wired to respond to visual storytelling – and I find that when done correctly, infographic resumes can really help push qualified candidates along in the hiring process.

Submitting an infographic resume is not without risk. When done correctly, an infographic resume can garner a lot of positive attention and really help you stand out from other applicants, but only if you know what you’re doing. Otherwise, an infographic resume can send your application straight to the bottom of the stack. If you’re considering submitting an infographic resume for your next job application, keep the following in mind:

Stay on message.
When creating an infographic resume, it’s easy to lose sight of your resume’s real purpose. Remember, fundamentally a resume is a marketing document that must: (1) engage the hiring manager; (2) quantify your professional accomplishments; and (3) get you in the door for an interview. Don’t let your quest for the perfect color scheme or graphics supersede your message.

Quantify your successes.
In addition to demonstrating your creativity and personality, infographic resumes must clearly quantify your professional successes. Start by identifying three to four key accomplishments that clearly tell your professional story and can be easily translated into a powerful visual message.

Visuals matter.
Infographic resumes should make your information easier to understand, not more complicated. Clashing colors and confusing chart creates visual clutter that distracts from your accomplishments. Few of us are talented graphic designers. If you’re going to create an infographic resume, work with a freelance designer or use one of the many free web-based infographic resources.

While infographic resumes are not right for everyone, they can be a powerful tool for visually quantifying your accomplishments and standing out from other job applicants.

Have you submitted an infographic resume for a job? If not, would you consider doing so in the future?