It’s almost always the first question: “How would you describe yourself?” You must know that this dreaded interview question is coming, and you have to be prepared to answer it well. Let us help you come up with the words to describe yourself in an interview.

To start, know that this question often is asked just to see how you handle yourself. Do you look confident? Will you speak eloquently about yourself? Are you prepared for this interview? It’s an icebreaker question, but it can also make or break a first impression.

Your answer to the “describe yourself” interview question should focus on what interests your interviewer the most — they do not need to hear anecdotes about your personal life or hobbies. Concentrate on describing yourself in terms of career and accomplishments. Start with a descriptive sentence and follow with some of your most recent, important and relevant professional experience. An example:

“I’m a deadline-oriented self-starter who thinks creatively to come up with solutions for my clients. I have 10 years of experience in sales at Fortune 500 companies, such as X, Y and Z, and would bring best practices, decisiveness and leadership expertise to this company.”

Your response should be no longer than two sentences. Keep it short, descriptive and interesting. Can’t memorize two sentences? One will do just fine. Example:

“I am enthusiastic employee who loves my profession and has enough of motivation for both myself and my department.”

Practice saying it in the mirror. It might feel goofy, but you can also adjust your nonverbal communication — shoulders straight, head up, good eye contact, smile! You’ve just aced your first interview test.