Writing a letter of resignation to your boss can be bittersweet. You might be leaving a job that you love to move on to greener pastures, or you might be thrilled to get out of a toxic work environment; you may love or truly dislike your boss. Regardless, the best two week notice letter examples keep it all professional. And yes, you should give at least two weeks as a professional courtesy, no matter how you feel. Here are some two week notice letter examples (note: write a real live hard-copy letter to be handed to your manager in person, not an email) and a specific template you can follow:

• Include the date in the upper left corner and spell it out, i.e. August 14, 2014.

• Next, skip a line and address the letter to your boss and include his or her full name, title, company name and street address. It should look like this:

Mary Simpson, President
Waker Corp.
123 Freemont Dr.
Chicago, IL 17864

• Add a direct salutation, like “Dear <<insert boss’ name>>”.

• After the salutation, skip a line and create a first paragraph that includes a very clear and specific statement that states you are resigning from your position with the company, such as: “This letter serves as an official notice of my resignation from <<insert job title>> at <<insert company name>>, effective on <<insert date>>.

• This document will be kept in your file for a long time and who knows when it could be referenced in the future (say, a future employer calls them for a reference), so leave out any negativity. Here’s an example: “I am very appreciative of my time at <<insert company name>>, and the growth opportunities over the last <<insert how many years>>.” The tone of the letter needs to fit the relationship you have with the recipient, though, so if it is a more hands-off, formal relationship, then this is a good way to approach it. If it is a friendlier, warm relationship, feel free to write it in such a way.

• Say thank you for the experiences you received working for the company with something like this: “Thank you for believing in me and providing me with the forum to learn about <<insert industry or field>> — this experience has been invaluable and I have truly grown as a professional because of it.”

• Offer your ongoing support by including your contact information and a line, such as “Please feel free to contact me at <<insert phone number and/or email address>> should you have any questions to help make a smooth transition.”

• Add a friendly closing, like “Best wishes for continued success” or “With warm regards”.

• Type your name and sign your name above it. The best two week notice letter examples are a concise single page.

• Some additional tips: Keep your focus and theirs on the transition, not hashing over why you are leaving or why they think you should stay. No matter what you think or they say, you are not irreplaceable; they will be fine. And remember, regardless of the relationship, this is business; you are making a decision that is best for you and your family. That is your only concern. It will never be the ‘right time’ for them, and staying beyond two weeks is never a good option. Staying longer might sound good when you say it, but trust me, once you have made the decision to leave, even your second week will seem like an eternity.