With continuing uncertainty in today’s job market, every job interview has become that much more important. Differentiation from the crowd is essential. Memorable and respectful interview etiquette will distinguish you from the multitude of other candidates, and the great news is, the more you practice, the better you become at it.

Here are three tips to perfect your job interview etiquette:

1. Make and keep eye contact
Eye contact represents respect, interest, understanding, and appreciation. It’s essential to communicate to your interviewer that you respect their time. Our eyes have their own language and help people to understand when you comprehend what they are saying along with appreciating it. It’s important for your interviewer to feel a connection with you. Eye contact helps build this connection.

2. Dress professionally
The saying goes: “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” Dressing well is key to making a positive first impression. The way you dress for an interview influences others’ initial opinion of you and also shows that you are serious about the interview and the position. Bonus: it will help your confidence and calm your nerves when you know you are looking sharp!

3. Build rapport with the interviewer
This is the most valuable and important of my interview etiquette tips. Today, more interviews center around a conversation. Culture and liking the people you work with is a top priority. Who wants to be stuck at the office during busy season with someone they don’t like? It’s common for managers to hire someone they’ll enjoy being around. I’ve even found that candidates who need a little professional training are often preferred over someone who has all the skills but doesn’t fit with the team.

Once you’ve aced the interview with your stellar etiquette, don’t forget to reflect on how you felt about the interview. You spend more time at your office and with coworkers than you do at your home, and the interview is your opportunity to assess the role, your potential team, and the company culture. Be thoughtful in your career choices and choose opportunities that fit you and your goals best.

Great etiquette during an interview can make or break a job opportunity. What etiquette tips have you used to help land a position? Share your tips below.