Analytical thinkers are a unique breed. We’re typically logical, critical thinkers who like to make fact-based decisions. These characteristics are adaptable across jobs, but left-brainers thrive best in roles that harness our problem solving capabilities. If you’re searching for your calling, or looking to transition roles, it’s a good idea to assess the best careers for analytical thinkers.

If you typically take a systematic approach to your job, I’d recommend looking into the fields of computer programming, science or research. If a corporate role appeals to you, jobs for analytical thinkers include law and managerial or leadership roles. If you’re pioneering and often described as a go-getter, consider starting your own business.

I’ve benefited from being a left-brained person in my own career. Recently I had a challenging request from a client, where I was tasked to search for a candidate with several years of experience in a very new technology. As the technology was so recent, I had to research extensively on where the pioneers of that programming language came from. After much due diligence, I was able to educate the client that candidates with just two years experience at this stage could be considered experts, as long as their prior experience made for a logical transition. I was able to analyze the problem, identify patterns and come up with a solution.

Recruiting can also count among the best jobs for left brained people. In my experience, you may encounter many minor hurdles that require logic and curiosity to overcome.

Looking for more career resources? I recommend this video on career ideas for analytical people, as well as this community organization for critical thinkers.

Are you an analytical thinker? Which jobs have been best suited to your skills?