Prepare for your interview with these top 10 common interview questions and answers that impress.

1. Tell me about yourself. Not a question per se, but usually the first thing your interviewer will say. We get in depth with how to answer this tricky one in a previous Lucas Group blog: So, Tell Me About Yourself?

2. Why are you the best person for this job? This is one of THE most common interview questions. Show them why you are going to rock this job through examples of your passion for the industry and how your previous jobs have prepared you to be an asset for their company.

3. Why do you want to work here? Whatever you do, don’t reference the Ping-Pong table downstairs and that you get to wear jeans to work — even casual environments are serious about interviews. Instead, do your homework on the company and mention the positive things about the organization that you are excited about.

4. What is one conflict you’ve had at work and how did you resolve it? Whoa there, interviewer, that’s actually two questions in one! Show that, whatever it was, it had a productive outcome and it was a learning experience that made you a stronger professional. Don’t say you’ve never had a conflict — even if it was nothing major, you can say so, but provide an example.

5. What would you say your biggest weakness is? One of the most common interview questions, this one is always on your interviewers list! Provide an example of a weakness in the workplace — not a personal weakness, as that is not applicable here — and what you are doing to improve it. And don’t say, “I work too much.”

6. What would you say is your greatest strength? Now you get to boast a little. It’s okay, go for it with confidence (never cockiness) and tell them one or two things you are absolutely fabulous at (again, keep it relevant with the current position you are interviewing for in mind).

7. If I were to ask your current or past colleagues to describe you in three words, what would they say? You can prepare for this answer by actually asking past colleagues or bosses how they would, in fact, describe you. Perhaps you can even reference the words they used in recommendations that they wrote for you on LinkedIn.

8. Why are you leaving your current job? Even if you have major issues with your present situation, do not say anything bad about your employer, boss, coworkers, doggie mascot…nada. That just reflects badly on you. Instead, opt for a reason that relates to your abilities, such as you are looking for a growth opportunity to be able to do X, Y and Z.

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? This one is notoriously difficult to answer. Here’s your super-simple response: “I hope that, in 5 years, my hard work will lead to more responsibility and a larger role within the company.” Done and done.

10. What kind of salary are you looking for? Ahead of time, you should research a realistic range for this position within your market, and try not to undersell yourself while not presenting an unrealistic figure. Providing a range is always a good option.

What are some of the top questions have you been asked in an interview?