A job search can present different challenges for applicants over 50. Find out how to stand out in a pool of younger applicants.

Candidates closer to retirement face unique challenges when looking for their next professional position. By reframing these challenges as opportunities, candidates over 50 can show managers and HR professionals what they stand to gain from hiring older candidates.

Keep reading to learn the top strategies for executing a successful job search over age 50:

1. Build Out Your LinkedIn Profile
If you’ve worked for the same company for a while, you may have neglected to update your LinkedIn profile or even create one in the first place. Hiring managers often check candidates’ social media profiles so be sure to polish your LinkedIn page in addition to your resume. Include all relevant positions, duties and skills as well as a strong summary and recent picture.

2. Sharpen Your Interview Skills
Seasoned employees tend to change positions less frequently and, as a result, may not have as many recent interviews under their belts. If you’re out of practice, start honing your skills now so you’ll be prepared when it’s time for your first interview. Practice summarizing your current role, sharing your strengths and answering typical interview questions. You may also want to get comfortable with virtual interviews, as they’re becoming increasingly common. Do a dry run with a friend or colleague and make any necessary technology upgrades.

3. Tout Your Adaptability
Some hiring managers may have concerns about whether older hires would be comfortable working with younger team members or whether they’re able to change their work style to fit a new corporate culture. Be prepared to talk about specific times when you’ve demonstrated flexibility and ease in adapting to new environments.

4. Think Long-Term
Many hiring managers worry that hiring an older employee means the company can only keep that individual on board for a few years. However, younger employees are more likely to jump between companies, while seasoned employees tend to seek out more stable opportunities. If this is the case with you, emphasize your interest in staying with a single company over the long-term.

Have you applied for a job after age 50? What strategies helped you make a good impression?