From time to time, you may receive requests to write LinkedIn recommendations from colleagues, employees or business partners. Unless you are vehemently opposed to writing a LinkedIn recommendation for a particular person—say, if you don’t feel that they are worthy of praise—it is a good practice to do so. It’s part of paying it forward. Also, folks are likely to reciprocate and do the same for you should you ask for one in return.

Now what should you say about your great boss or employee? Keep it to about four sentences at maximum and two sentences at minimum. Here are a few tips to get your wheels turning and get over any writer’s block:

  • Start it out with a description of how long you have known the person, during which job and in what capacity you worked together (i.e. “I managed Jane” or “Jane reported to me”).
  •  Next, say what comes to mind when you think of him or her. Keep it completely professional, of course, and mention key qualities he or she brought to the workplace and his or her job. These attributes can cover both skills and personality.
  •  Feel free to add another sentence about them if there are one or two traits that you would like to emphasize in particular with a brief anecdote.
  •  Then end it with you’re a recommendation to sum up how you feel about them—”I would hire Jim again any day” or “Jim would be a big asset to any employer.”

And, just like that, you’re done!

Have you written a LinkedIn recommendation before? What tips would you share?